Hi there,
I'm Sachintha Indunil

I'm digital artist. I'm kind of person who enjoy the drawing things around me and build concept with my vision. I'm drawing pretty much my whole life. start was traditional drawing methods. after my professional experience in design field I moved to digital painting. currently I'm full time freelance artist and concept builder. I'm enjoying my time with drawing concept arts and selected project that I'm really interested in.

from world of sachiarts
I provide illustrator bases any designs. it's pretty much everything, based on illustrations.
- Concept designs
- Illustrations
- Digital painting
- Packaging
- Comic and book illustration
- Branding
- Any other designs
Fees are based on the project, deadline, design style, and resources required for your project. At the beginning of the project, we can have a discussion about the project, your budget, and how I can help. Then I can quote you a fixed price. I usually charge 30-40$ per hour including tax. Required 50% payment on the estimated cost before I start.
1. discuss your project and decide the deadline and budget we both agreed.
2. I do research and do some basic sketches about the concept after I received the 50% of the payment both agreed. I need your approval on these sketches to continue with the idea. Note: if you don't like the whole concept this is the time to change it without any additional cost.
3. I continue the concept you approved and show you every update, so you can see how the design going and it uniqueness.
4. after finalizing I provide a preview of the design. If there are any changes you need, I am bound to do those revisions and come to a perfect outcome. Changes on the preview I deliver are includes in the budget we agreed on at the beginning and changes are for free.
Note: Not for changing the whole design.
5. When you give me the approval and the rest of the payment, I make the final files and deliver them through e-mail.
If you hate the first concept, I am capable of doing a whole new concept starting in a new direction. In the rough sketch step, we can do change for the whole concept.

I continue with the concept you approved and I do not continue design in only my own opinion. If I can’t deliver perfection, I will charge just for the work approved, so until you approve the preliminary sketch you are eligible for a full refund.

You have copyright for your final files upon receipt of final payment. I always reserve the right to claim the authorship of the artwork. That means I can add them to my social networks and portfolios but you have the copyright for the designs after the final payment. Any unapproved sketches, designs, or any element belongs to me.
If you need a Non-Disclosure Agreement signed, please contact me, in the beginning, to discuss your needs. That would probably increase the price of the service.
I accept PayPal, Payoneer, bank transfer any other secure payment method.
On special occasions, I give some discounts to selected services. you can see them on the home page or submit the newsletter to get and updates.
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