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I'm Sachintha Indunil, and I'm on a creative journey as an illustrator and designer. My passion for drawing has been with me since childhood, and it's grown into a career spanning over 10 years. I often describe myself as a concept artist because I enjoy bringing unique ideas to life through my illustrations. Whether it's creating characters, visualizing new worlds, or designing captivating concepts, I'm always excited to take on new artistic challenges.

Beyond my artistic pursuits, I'm an enthusiastic traveler who finds inspiration in exploring new places. While my travel plans are still taking shape, I'm determined to find a way to create art while I journey through different corners of the world. I firmly believe in the power of visual storytelling and am eager to share my creative journey with you, all while exploring new horizons and capturing the essence of my adventures in my artwork.

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Client Consultation & Creative Brief

In this first step, I engage in an in-depth conversation with the client. I listen carefully to their needs and goals for the illustration project. I aim to understand their target audience and any specific ideas they may have in mind. The outcome is a comprehensive creative brief that captures the client's vision and requirements.

Concept Development & Sketching

Once I have a clear creative brief, I dive into the concept development phase. Here, I brainstorm and generate creative ideas to bring the client's vision to life. I create initial sketches and drafts to illustrate the chosen concept. The focus is on establishing the composition and key visual elements that will make the illustration effective.

Artwork Production & Iteration

With the concept in hand, I move on to the production stage. Here, I meticulously craft the final illustration. This involves adding intricate details, working on color choices, and refining the overall style. I regularly collaborate with the client, sharing work-in-progress versions to gather their feedback. This iterative process allows us to make necessary adjustments to ensure the illustration aligns perfectly with the client's vision.

Client Presentation & Approval

The final step involves presenting the completed illustration to the client. I emphasize how the illustration fulfills the initial creative brief and concept. I encourage the client to provide any last-minute feedback, ensuring they are entirely satisfied with the outcome. The goal is to obtain their approval and deliver a finished product that meets or exceeds their expectations.

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